Garden Inspirations

It all starts with a cutting

It seems amazing that some of the tallest and most majestic trees in our environment began life as a simple cutting. But with a catalogue of over 300 plants - many of which are grown from cuttings - propagation is a serious business at Warners.

Patience, deft hands and attention to detail are just some of the finer skills required by Warners’ propagation team, comprising team leader...

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Coastal Selections - great plants for your seaside garden

Ironically, the environment can be both your muse and your enemy when planning a coastal garden. Sandy soils, exposure to winds, and salt are just some of the issues that can plague a seaside landscape.

The key to successful coastal gardens is to work with the environment – not against it. This does not have to mean a restricted plant p...

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A Garden About Greenery

‘The Greenery Garden’ – the Gold-medal winning show garden collaboration between The Greenery Garden Centre, Vivid Design, Semken Landscaping and Warners Nurseries – reminds us that plants are the true building blocks of great garden design, adding structure, texture, contrast and colour to any garden.

“The Greenery Garden is all about the greenery, and the liveliness of green in the garden environment,” explains Carolyn Blackman of Vivid D...

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Q&A: Ben Harris of Ben Harris Gardens

This year’s Boutique Gardens demonstrated that size doesn’t need to stand in the way of creativity in landscape design. We spoke to Ben Harris of Ben Harris Gardens, who took out 1st Place with his design “Calming Waters”

The concept evolved as a bunch of ideas that came together as one. I wanted the garden to be calming; for people to be able to take a moment...

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Living Sculpture Collection

Our Living Sculpture Collection is expertly handcrafted to add dimension and delight to your landscape design. From traditional topiary shapes to more contemporary forms, our range is grown to perform in the garden.

Popular Japanese style topiary where rounded shapes (clouds), usually balls, are clipped on the ends of a branching irregular plant structur...

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