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Brighten up your Summer with a hydrangea

Trends may come and go, but there are some plants that are always in style. At Warners, one of our very favourite plants is the traditional ball type ‘Mop Head’ hydrangea. We love it so much, we’ve named it one of Warner’s Top Ten Plants of the Century!

This iconic classic (anyone who says hydrangeas are old-fashioned obviously doesn’t know what they’re talking about) is as popular as ever, brightening up gardens and outdoor patios with its vivid palette of blues, reds, pinks and whites.

The perfect living gift

Hydrangeas make the ideal gift – not only are they a stunning alternative to cut flowers, they have enormous versatility. Wow your family at Christmas by adding a bold red hydrangea as a table decoration. And once the party season is over, you can continue enjoying your hydrangea by planting it out in your garden.

Make your special day memorable

Nothing brings a wedding to life like a beautiful floral display. With a range of hues - from the sweetest pale pinks to luscious mauves and the creamiest of whites – hydrangeas can add elegance to your outdoor wedding. Masses of hydrangeas make an excellent backdrop to a wedding altar, while potted blooms as table centerpieces can bring a touch of class to the reception.

Taking care of your hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are wonderfully hardy shrubs that bring old world charm to any garden. Hydrangeas should be protected from full sun, and make sure that your hydrangea gets plenty of water – especially in summer! For more advice on how to care for your hydrangea, visit your local Garden Centre.


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