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Crepe Myrtle: A blooming great choice!

If you’re looking for the ‘WOW’ factor in a flowering tree for your garden, then Lagerstroemia, also known as Crepe Myrtle, is likely to fit the bill. These striking deciduous trees are currently in bloom, and the colours – varying from vibrant reds and purples, through to soft pinks, mauves and whites - are simply amazing!

Crepe myrtles get their name from their ruffled flowers, which look and feel like crepe paper. An eyepopping addition to the garden through summer whilst in bloom, they also look fantastic during the winter months, thanks to their ornately textured bark and trunk structure. They perform well in hot, dry conditions, making them perfectly matched for Melbourne’s hot summers.

Landscaping versatility

Crepe myrtle is a stunning addition to any garden, making a great small feature tree. They are ideal for Mediterranean gardens – pair them with edibles such as olives, citrus or ornamental pears, or shrubs like Rhaphiolepis ‘Spring Pearl’ or Nandina Moonbay. If you’re looking for something more formal, Lagerstroemia ‘Natchez’ featuring white flowers would be an excellent choice.

Taking care of your crepe myrtle

Watering is essential during the establishment phase to ensure good root development. However, once established, crepe myrtles are extremely hardy and drought resistant. Trees can be pruned to shape - wait until flowering has finished before cutting it back - or you can leave the tree to grow according to its own natural shape.

Warners varieties you'll love!

  • ‘Tonto’ (rich red/deep pink flowers), grows to 3m
  • ‘Zuni’ (mauve flowers), grows to 3m
  • ‘Sioux’ (carmine pink flowers), grows to 4m
  • ‘Tuscarora’ (rose red flowers), grows to 6m
  • ‘Natchez’ (white flowers), grows to 6m


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