Garden Inspirations

Fire up your garden with Photinia

​Add a splash of colour to the landscape with this fastgrowing evergreen. Ideal for screens and hedges. Photinia features a dense habit with dark glossy leaves, accented by fiery red new growth.

Warners stocks three varieties of Photinia, each with their own distinguishing characteristics:

    An old favourite, Photinia robusta is currently at its best, featuring stunning copper-red growth through Spring. As its name suggests, it is a hardy plant that responds well to clipping, especially after Spring flush.
    This hybrid features a more open habit than ‘Robusta’, and is distinguishable by its intense red growth. Ideal for open sunny locations, ‘Red Robin’ should be trimmed regularly to encourage new growth.
    Named after the daughters of a Dutch nurseryman, Camilvy features dark ruby-red foliage, which makes a gorgeous contrast to the foliage of 'Robusta'. The tallest growing of the three varieties, 'Camilvy' also features a more open habit.


Photinia robusta listing in our plant catalogue