Garden Inspirations

Get zesty with courtyard citrus

Every garden, no matter how small, needs a lemon tree.

This has inspired our Courtyard Citrus range - our favourite varieties of compact citrus, grown specifically for containers. These are ideal for small courtyards, balconies, kitchen gardens and outdoor entertainment areas. But don't be fooled...these trees may be small in size, but when it comes to producing fruit, they're big hitters!


This new dwarf variety of Meyer lemon is a prolific producer! It is a compact grower that fruits extremely well. Features lovely green foliage. Lemons on demand!

Courtyard Cumquat

This cutting grown form is designed to be extremely compact, and thrives in a container environment.
A striking addition to any garden thanks to it’s ornamental fruit colour, these little citrus gems also make tasty cumquat marmalade.

Courtyard Lime

This is a specially selected compact form of Tahitian Lime, featuring dark green foliage, and copious fruits. Heavy crops of limes appear in Autumn, and will turn yellow if left to ripen.


Check out your nearest Garden Centre retailer to buy your very own Courtyard Citrus