Garden Inspirations

The Bay Tree – Melbourne’s alternative to Ficus

Screening and hedging plants are in greater demand than ever, and one particular plant is gaining popularity, with good reason – the Bay (Laurus nobilis).

Bay trees make excellent hedges thanks to their dense, deep green, aromatic foliage that looks great all year round. Bays are hardy growers, capable of withstanding extremes in weather. This makes them ideal for Melbourne gardens, where we experience hot summers and cool winters. Being drought and salt tolerant means they are also an excellent choice for coastal areas.


Bay trees are incredibly versatile, and respond well to shaping and topiary. A potted standard at an entrance makes a formal statement, while a pleached hedge along a driveway provides a stylish solution to privacy. Dwarf varieties are ideal for smaller spaces, and make a great culinary addition to kitchen gardens.


Green Stem
Screen your home from peering eyes with this tall growing Bay variety. Ideal for tall hedging and pleaching,

Miles Choice
Hardy, drought and salt tolerant, this is the perfect medium hedge to 2m. Produces yellow flowers in Spring.

Flavour Master pbr
This smaller-growing variety is a culinary must-have for home cooks. Grow it in pots by the back door for easy access.

Baby Bay pbr
This compact grower is similar to Flavour Master. Great for low hedges (around 50cm) or topiary clipped balls.