Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Posted on Wednesday 7th March, 2018

As the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show gets closer and closer and stock is being prepared and finished, it was fitting that Warners received an award in recognition of our support to MIFGS. For almost 4 years Michael Warner has been a MIFGS Board member helping drive the success of the show with the full support of the whole Warners team.

The award recognises the dedication Warners people have to the showpiece of our industry.

Now to MIFGS......Warners again have a number of MIFGS show gardens we are collaborating with. Some of the highlights this year include Candeo and MPF Show gardens, which have a strong Urban Lush feel, with green and glossy predominating.

The Orisis Chinese garden has taken a different tack, for them it's all about colourful foliage, and WOW, what an impact. E-GA and the Ben Harris & MG Gardens displays have a more eclectic palette on show, and The Welcome Garden by Phil Withers shows the potential to mix plants from different origins.

MIFGS is on between Friday 23rd March to Sunday 25th. - For all MIFGS details click here.