The beauty of bespoke

Date: 10-04-2019





The very best gardens are handcrafted; carefully conceived to achieve a specific purpose – be it aesthetic or functional – within the landscape.  It is this attention to detail that transforms a good design into a memorable garden that grows and evolves over many years.

For over 100 years, Warners Nurseries has been working closely with Australia's most lauded designers to help them achieve their artistic vision. We believe wholeheartedly in innovation through collaboration, and our bespoke production techniques allow us to rise to the challenges of design practice and push the boundaries of possibility in the landscape.

What can be achieved in our nursery is only limited by your imagination. By daring to challenge current trends or expectations, you provide us with the exciting opportunity to test our limits, and deliver unexpected results.  Our combination of traditional methods with a modern approach is responsible for  the development of some of our more creative plant lines, such as our Living Sculpture range of shaped topiary and pleached lines. From classical balls and cones, through to our more whimsical clouds and Living Pergolas, each plant is handcrafted - trained, trimmed and shaped to order over several seasons to achieve the exact shape, structure and proportions required for the particular garden it will eventually inhabit.

But innovation comes in many forms. Whether it is through unique or unusual planting combinations, or finding new uses for old favourites, the Australian design community is always pushing the envelope. And this is why Warners continues to throw its support behind the inspired and vibrant landscape design talent that makes up your industry.

The beauty of bespoke is that anything is possible 


Acer x Platanus

Top - 'Breeze' MINT design, MIFGS 2019
Bottom - Living Pergola Acer x Platanus