Living Pergolas

Date: 16-04-2019

Introducing 'Living Pergolas' by Warners Nurseries

Living Pergola 

‘Living Pergolas’ by Warners Nurseries were unveiled at the 2016 Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, where designer Nathan Burkett incorporated clusters of the parasol-inspired trees to add an architectural dimension to his gold medal-winning show garden design.

“Using organic material to create built forms is a recurring theme in my design, and the Living Pergolas provide a wonderful juxtaposition between structural form and the organic qualities of a living, growing tree,” explains landscape designer Nathan Burkett.

Living Pergolas make a sophisticated shade solution for contemporary garden living. They are the perfect marriage of form and function. The contrast of the vertical poles of the tree trunks against the soft, green horizontal canopy makes a startling centerpiece for formal gardens. When grouped in a cluster formation, they also provide shade against the Australian sun – a must-have during our hot summers.

Grown from deciduous Plane Trees, renowned for their mottled columnar trunks and shady foliage, or Maples with their broad colourful foliage – Living Pergolas stand approximately 3m tall. Nurtured by Warners over a five-year period, the foliage is trained horizontally along a trellised wire, creating a living roof structure that provides shade in summer, and dappled sun in winter.

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