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 The Arbour - More than meets the eye
Euphorbia 'Silver Swan' 
Oasis Horticulture
Bio Gro


We would like to extend a very sincere "thank you" to our sponsors for their support and generosity.

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As the name suggests, there is "more than meets the eye" when constructing a MIFGS Show Garden.  It’s really all about collaborations and relationships.


The Salvage Yard is owned and operated by Robert Boyle’s son Matt.  He’s supplied all the beautiful reclaimed timber beams, steps, and palings.  Matt also constructed the stunning Arbour at their yard in Castlemaine and shipped it down.  (If you love the Arbour, get in contact with them HERE, and they can ship it straight to your place from the show).


The wonderful lawn was supplied by Lilydale Instant Lawn. Their service was fantastic as they worked with our tight schedule to get the turf cut and delivered on time to be laid so it would look it’s best for the show.


Gardens at Night are the leaders in landscape lighting, and let’s face it the twilight session wouldn’t be the same without the transition from dusk to night as the gardens become illuminated.


Our Edible Garden needed some mature veggies and fruit vines to give it the full, lush look we wanted, and Oasis Horticulture were just the people to do it.


Bio Gro have been supplying growing medium to Warners Nurseries from when they first started and provided the mulch to fill the show garden.  They will also play a major part in the ‘zero waste’ vision we have for the garden by recycling all the timber that cannot be reclaimed or reused.


And lastly, the greatest collaboration was of course with Robert Boyle, the designer of 'More than meets the eye'.
Rob's relationship with Warner's stretches back over fifty years of garden design.  Read more of Rob's story HERE.