Euphorbia x martinii

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Commonly known as Martin’s spurge, this natural hybrid has year-round interest with striking foliage and flowers. Deep blue-grey rosette foliage sits on upright stems, with new growth having a reddish tinge. Large lime green flowers are on display from late winter to early spring.


Prefers a full sun to part shade position with well-drained soil, though is tolerant of dry or moist soils. Dead head after flowering. When pruning Euphorbia it is advised to wear gloves and avoid contact with eyes and skin as sap can be irritating.

Landscape Uses

A great foliage plant which works well as a bordering or accent plant, would be a stunning addition to any gravel garden or rockery. A great choice for Mediterranean style gardens and works wonderfully planted with Rosemary, Olive and Citrus.


Height to 40cm
Width to 60cm