Persea americana 'Hass' (Avocado)

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One of the most popiular varieties of avocado because of its long lasting rich creamy fruit with its characteristic dark, almost black-green warty skin. Perfect for many garden sizes as with regular pruning it can be kept to just 3m tall and is suited to grow in cool climates.


Avocados require full sun and well drained soil, preferably protect from frost after planting.Once established they still require a good amount of water in the warmer months, but will become more frost tolerant with time. A note of caution fopr all avocado types. Many parts of the plant can be highly poisonous to a number of animals, mainly horses, cattle, goats and birds.

Landscape Uses

A glorious feature fruit tree that will bear an abundance of fruit once established. DIMENSIONS: Can grow to 8m - 10m.