Hydrangea paniculata 'Diamond Rouge' pbr

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Still Growing
Still Growing

This award winning variety has proven popular all around the globe with its combination of amazing colour, hardy nature and low maintenance requirements. ‘Diamond Rouge’ offers the reddest flower colour of this variety, during early summer it unfurls large white flower heads on top of long stems that gradually morph through a stunning range of pinks as summer progresses, culminating in spectacular shades of red in early autumn.


Prefers a part shade to sunny position with a moist but well-draining soil. Hydrangeas have medium water requirements, to avoid flower and foliage damage aim for the base of the plant when watering. Dead head and prune to shape after flowering, Hydrangeas can be cut back quite hard if need be. Feed with an organic slow release fertiliser in spring.

Landscape Uses

An elegant looking plant perfect for formal or cottage gardens, though can add interested in many garden styles. Its bushy habit makes it ideal for decorative containers and the rich colour adds interest to mixed garden beds and brightens courtyards. Looks fantastic mass planted and is great for cut flowers. Plant with Lagerstroemia, Azaleas and Buxus balls.


Height to 1.5m
Width to 1.2m