Alchemilla mollis

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Commonly known as ‘Lady’s Mantle’ the Alchemilla mollis is a small clump forming perennial with tough foliage. Leaves are a soft grey-green, with a scalloped and serrated margin and a densely hairy exterior. Groups of delicate greenish-yellow flowers are on display from late spring to early summer. Is butterfly attracting.


Prefers a full sun to part shade position in average, moist well-drained soil. Is frost hardy and can tolerate hot summers. Is self-seeding and has the ability to become a bit invasive, to combat this promptly remove spent flowers; this will also promote a re-bloom.

Landscape Uses

A fantastic option for borders, in hanging baskets or pots, or to soften the edges of a paved area. Has a wonderful effect when mass planted and works well as a ground cover. Looks great planted with Lavender, Salvia and Heuchera.


Height 50cm; width 50cm