Quercus palustris

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Quercus palustris commonly known as the Pin Oak is a majestic, deciduous tree with conical form with sharply lobed foliage. Glossy green leaves turn to brilliant red and scarlet in autumn. The lower branches of the tree hang down gracefully, almost touching the ground. The trunk of the Pin Oak is smooth and grey, adding to its overall appeal.


Plant in well-draining soil mixed with organic matter. Ensure bud union is above soil when planting. Water in well and keep moist until tree is well established. Fertilize when planting and after new growth. It prefers full sun but can tolerate partial sun (especially when young). For optimal growth, it thrives in continuously moist to wet, deep, very acidic soils. However, it can adapt to dry soils as well. Can be pruned to shape as necessary.

Landscape Uses

This fast-growing tree works well as a feature specimen for parks and larger gardens, driveways and creating avenues.


Height to 20m
Width to 12m