Gardenia jasminoides 'Grandiflora Star'

  • Gardenia jasminoides 'Grandiflora Star'
  • Gardenia jasminoides 'Grandiflora Star'
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Still Growing
Still Growing

An attractive evergreen shrub producing an abundance star shaped heavily scented flowers in Spring and Summer.


Gardenias grow best in a warm protected position in a well drained, rich humus soil. Protect from hot afternoon sun in summer as leaves can scorch. Prune to keep compact in late winter. Gardenias will benefit from applications of compost and fertiliser.

Landscape Uses

Plant near entertaining areas to enjoy the beautiful fragrance of the flowers. Grow in pots near windows. Use in a formal landscape with other traditional favourites like Azalea Alba Magnifica and Camellia Setsugekka.


Height to 1m
Width to 1m