Citrus x microcarpa Cumquat Standard

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Standards are a traditional and popular form of topiary where plants have clear straight stems and a ball on top like a lollypop. Cumquat calamondin produce an abundance of small round orange fruit great for preserves, these hardy citrus make a great feature in a Mediterranean garden.


Plants are run up on a central leader and tipped at the top at the desired standard height. Once some bushy growth has formed at the top, the lower foliage is then removed. Clip the top with garden shears regularly throughout the growing season to form the desired shape and to maintain a compact head. The length to the standard trunk will remain at the same height but will get thicker with age. The size of the head with be determining by how often and how hard back you clip it.

Landscape Uses

Standards can be features in garden beds and look fantastic when under planted with low shrubs or groundcovers. Matching pairs look at the best bordering entrances and walkways in containers or in the ground. If planting in containers shorter standards generally look best and tall standard are more suitable to be planted in garden beds.


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