Vitis coignetiae

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Vitis coignetiae, also called the crimson glory vine, is a deciduous ornamental grape native to Japan and Korea. It has lobed leaves that change to brilliant shades of red, purple, pink and scarlet in autumn. It has been introduced to Australia as an easy-care climber.


Plant in a sunny position in fertile, well-drained soil. It is quite hardy once established and can tolerate frost and drought. It is very hardy and quite a vigorous grower requiring pruning back hard every winter when it is dormant. This will control its size and shape and encourage new spring growth.

Landscape Uses

Perfect for growing over a pergola, arbour or fence, as it is not a self-clinging vine, it will need the support. It will create a shady cover during winter and allow the sun to shine through in winter. Being ornamental it will only produce small and insignificant nonedible fruit. Note: Retsricted sales zones apply to comply with phylloxera management.