Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple'

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This multi stemmed large shrub is a beautiful addition to any garden wanting to highlight seasonal change. Covered in large plum-coloured leaves, and smothered by puffy, cloud like flowers in Spring and Summer, then with Autumn the leaves change to yellow/orange flames, leaving behind architectural form during winter.


Good drainage is key, will tolerate poor soils with good drainage. Drought tolerant once established. Full to part sun, best foliage in full sun. Hard prune to promote new leaf shoots and to keep small, more discriminate pruning for flowers, as they appear on growth over 1 year old.

Landscape Uses

Great as a small feature tree in any garden bed, use add height in a cottage/perennial bed. It can even be used as an informal hedge.


Height to 2m – 4m
Width to 2m – 4m