Buxus microphylla var microphylla

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A small, rounded evergreen shrub that is densely foliated with bright green, glossy leaves and a slightly weeping habit.


A hardy, low maintenance plant that grows well in both full sun and partial shade, however, foliage can become lime green/yellow when exposed to direct sunlight. Capable of tolerating a wide range of soil types, but survives best in well-drained, more alkaline soils. Once established, requires minimal watering, as it is tolerant of dry conditions. Frost and heat resistant. Pruning is best conducted during the growing season (Summer/Spring). We suggest an annual application of complete fertiliser around the same time to encourage new growth.

Landscape Uses

The perfect plant for clipped Japanese style swales, shapes or a clipped blocks when planted under trees due to its compact growth and ability to perform well in semi shaded areas. It grows well in containers for a formal look or a small clipped hedge.