Pittosporum tobira

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Pittosporum tobira is a broad leaf evergreen shrub featuring deep green and glossy foliage and produces delicate fragrant clusters of white flowers. Its sweet orange perfume has given this plant the common name 'Japanese mock orange'. Its dense growth habit and easy maitennace make it a favourite for home gardens.


Grow in full sun to part shade in most soil types. It does require good drainage. Pittosporum tobira also has a high salt tolerance making it ideal for coastal plantings. It requires little maintenenace other than the annual trim to keep it in shape and is resistant to most pests or diseases.

Landscape Uses

Extremely vesratile, can feature as an aromatic shrub close to outdoor entertaing areas or entrances. Planted in line it can be clipped to hedges or in containers for topiary. Works well in Coastal, Contemporary Classic and Aussie Mediterranenan Gardens.


Can be kept to 1.5m high x 1.5m wide or left to grow to 6.0m high x 3.0m wide