Azalea Aline

  • Azalea Aline
  • Azalea Aline
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Shade loving variety with large clear white flowers that appear in late Autumn through to Spring.


Grow in a protected part shade position. Plant in a well drained, humus-rich soil that’s slightly acidic. Fertilise in Spring and late Summer with an Azalea specific fertiliser or a complete organic fertiliser. Prune after flowering to maintain a compact shape. Mulch well during extended dry periods. If flowers are turning mushy this could be a sign of Azalea Petal Blight. Pick off any spent flowers and treat with appropriate fungicides. Watch also for insect attack and treat accordingly. Good air circulation will help prevent problems.

Landscape Uses

Lovely container flowering specimens. Bring indoor for short periods to enjoy the display. Use as flowering garden borders.