Hydrangea Care & Maintenance

Date: 14-09-2020

 Hydrangea Blue Lace Cap


See our GOOD PLANTING GUIDE for guidance on how to properly prepare to plant.


  • Plant in a part shaded position.
  • Protect from hot afternoon sun and wind.
  • Mulch around plant to protect the water catchment area.
  • Add some compost for extra nutrition.


  • Keep soil moist in summer.
  • Avoid spraying flowers.
  • Water every day when planted in pots.

Hydrangea planted in shade, good watering

SOIL & pH:

  • Hydrangea colour depends on the variety and type.
  • pH of the soil helps keep this colour.
  • Blues prefer Acidic soil  - Add Bluing powder twice yearly to help.
  • Reds prefer Alkaline soil - Add lime twice a year.
  • Whites are not affected by soil type.

Soil pH for Hydrangea colour


  • Prune after flowering.
  • Late summer is best - don't leave to winter.
  • Prune the whole plant to maintain the round form.
  • Prune Paniculata later to get autumn flowering.
  • Fertilise after trimmimg and in spring.



  • Hydrangeas are quite hardy and relatively tolerant to pest and disease.
  • Watch out for Aphis or Mites, black spot or powdery mildew.
  • Treat as required.

Hydrangea Pest and Disease


  • Keep pot in a light position out of direct sunlight.
  • Water regularly.
  • After flowering, cut back and plant in the garden. 

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