Acmena smithii 'Green Screen' Cloud

  • Acmena smithii 'Green Screen' Cloud
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A cloud tree is a single plant with a series of cleared stems with balls (the clouds) on their ends, they are traditionally seen in Chinese and Japanese gardens but are now popular in many garden styles. Cloud trees are sure to make a statement and are a perfect feature tree.


To ensure optimal results, Acmena smithii 'Green Screen' should be grown in a full sun or partially shaded position. It becomes extremely hardy once established. Regular trimming will produce more colourful new growth and keep the plant heads bushy. Will tolerate dry conditions once established and is reasonably frost tolerant. For best results fertilise with a slow release fertiliser in spring. Like all the other forms of Acmena smithii this plant will not get leaf damage from psyllids.

Landscape Uses

Cloud trees are sure to wow viewers, their impressive form and structure make them the ideal feature tree. They are a perfect specimen for pots but also work well planted. Traditionally clipped for Chinese and Japanese style gardens cloud trees are now used in many different gardens styles including formal, modern and eclectic. Their clear trunks make space for lower under plantings such as grasses and groundcovers.


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