Olea europaea 'Garden Harvest'

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A long lived slow growing evergreen tree Olives have attractive silver-grey foliage and a gnarled grey trunk with age. Small white flowers are on show during spring followed by green fruit which ripens to black in autumn. Fruit are small to medium in size weighing 3-4g.


Olives require a full sun position and are tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions including poor and rocky soils. Whilst drought tolerant to ensure maximum fruit yield it is important to water well during flower and fruit production especially if growing in containers. Fertilise in autumn and spring. Early start to bearing with high yields and ripens mid-season.

Landscape Uses

A symbol of peace and happiness the olive tree has been grown for centuries for its fruit, oil and timber. Olives are a perfect choice for Mediterranean, Coastal and low water gardens. 'Garden Harvest' is perfect for small gardens and pots. Pair with other plants from our Aussie Mediterranean range such as Laurus ‘Flavour Master’ and Westringia ‘Jervis Gem’.


Can be kept to 1.0m high x 1.0m wide or left to grow to 2.0m high x 2.0m wide