Citrus latifolia Lime 'Tahitian'

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Tahitian Lime's glossy dark green foliage, adds a lush feeling to your garden year round. With its white perfumed flowers in Summe and green rounded fruit that ripen to yellow, from mid autumn through to mid winter, it is always a value add in your garden. This lime can produce minor cropping of fruit outside of autumn and winter.


Performs best in a warm full sun position and is happy in most soil types as long as it has good drainage. Limes can be attacked by citrus scale, leaf miner and gall wasp, use appropriate treatment if detected. Reduce chances of insect attack by growing in ideal conditions. Fertilise in spring and late summer with high nitrogen fertiliser. Harvest while still green or leave to ripen to yellow for a sweeter flavour.

Landscape Uses

Limes make fantastic container plants, making them versatile for large and small gardens. Use as a feature plant or as a must have in a home orchard. Espalier to use valuable wall space or topiary into a sphere to create interest.


Height to 4m