Citrus x meyeri Lemon 'Meyer'

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Meyer is a sweet winter citrus with smaller, rounder fruit than regular lemons. The deep yellow to orange skins are smooth and thin, with dark yellow sweet pulp.


Performs best in a warm full sun position and is happy in most soil types as long as it has good drainage. Limes can be attacked by citrus scale and leaf miner, use appropriate treatment if detected. Prevent insect attack by growing in ideal conditions. Fertilise in spring and late summer with high nitrogen fertiliser. If growing in pot, fertilise using small amounts of citrus food, pelletised manure or slow release fertiliser on a regular basis.

Landscape Uses

Meyer is a versatile lemon that works well as a feature tree. Can also work well in pots or planted out in an orchard setting. Perfect for a meditteranean edible garden.