Helichrysum amorginum 'Red Jewel'

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Helichrysum 'Red Jewel' is a stunning perennial that sprouts bright red blooms from silvery-grey foliage that last for months. This plant is native to South Africa, where it is used for medicinal and ornamental purposes.


Plant in full sun and well-drained soil. It will tolerate some shade however flowers will not be as bright. Once established, Helichrysum 'Red Jewel' will not need much water, but will appreciate occasional deep watering during those hotter, drier spells. Deadhead faded flowers to encourage more blooming. 'Red Jewel' is not bothered by pests or diseases but watch out for snails and slugs that may nibble on the leaves. Helichrysum 'Red Jewel' is a perennial plant that can survive mild winters but protect from frost.

Landscape Uses

Helichrysum 'Red Jewel' is easy to grow and drought-tolerant, making it a great choice for sunny borders, rock gardens, or containers. Being quite hardy, it is well suited to Coastal and Aussie Mediterranean inspired gardens.


Height to 40cm
Width to 40cm