Azalea 'Easter Delight'

  • Azalea 'Easter Delight'
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A small, evergreen shrub adorned with masses of large, clear-orchid purple flowers. This variety blooms profusely in spring, often around Easter, hence its name, and may also have sporadic flowering in autumn.


Prefers a full sun to part shade position with well-drained, humus-rich soil that is slightly acidic. Hardy once established, Azaleas benefit from pruning after flowering to maintain a compact shape. Mulch well during extended dry periods and fertilize with an Azalea-specific or complete organic fertilizer in spring and late summer. If flowers become mushy, it might be a sign of petal blight; remove and dispose of affected flowers, then treat with appropriate fungicides. Azaleas are also susceptible to insect attacks, such as aphids, treat with suitable pesticides.

Landscape Uses

An excellent choice for formal gardens, shaded garden beds, and beneath trees where it flourishes in filtered sunlight. It also excels as a container plant on shaded patios or balconies. Azaleas works beautifully as a flowering border plant and complement other traditional favourites such as Camellias and Magnolias.