Anemone hupehensis japonica 'Elite Pure White'

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Commonly known as the Japanese Wind Flower, Anemone hupehensis are a low care plant that will add interest to your late Summer/Autumn Garden with delicate white flowers and foliage swaying in the breeze on a balmy afternoon. They are also a beautiful addition indoors as cut flowers.


Plant during Autumn or Spring, in well drained, loamy soil that stays moist. Best in part sun/part shade, protect from hot afternoon sun. To encourage long flowering period, liquid fertilise in Spring. In cold zones they are an herbaceous perennial, if they die back add a layer of mulch to protect.

Landscape Uses

Perfect for cottage/perennial gardens or to add some softness to a structured garden. Use in borders, plant in clumps amongst other perennials or mass plant under trees , where they still get some light.


Height 70cm to 1m
Width 40cm to 60cm