Jacaranda mimosifolia

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This spectacular deciduous tree produces masses of purple-blue flowers during mid spring to early summer. Its delicate bright green foliage will turn yellow in winter before shedding. After flowering distinct leathery black seed pods will form. Has an irregular open growing habit, with contorted trunks and branches.


Prefers a full sun position with fertile well drained soil. Once established it can tolerate droughts, mild frost and periods of wet weather. Prune only to remove dead or decaying branches making sure to cut close to the trunk, general pruning can cause branches to shoot straight up losing their distinct twisting habit.

Landscape Uses

A beautiful feature tree ideal for medium to large gardens. Often used in parks and as street trees. Works wonderfully in formal gardens, but will add a spark to any garden.


Height to 10.0m
Width to 8.0m