Waterhousea floribunda 'Warners Select'

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Warners own cutting grown form, of the very popular Australian native Waterhousea floribunda. Long, dark green glossy leaves with lighter toned new growth. An upright growth habit but with superb weeping foliage. If left untrimmed will grow to about 8m in the garden and produce bunches of greenish berries throughout Winter.


Suited to most free draining garden soils in a sunny open position. Will tolerate dry conditions once established and is reasonably frost tolerant. Can be kept trimmed to the desired height and width and can be cut back quite hard to maintain its size. Regular trimming will produce more colourful new growth and keep the plant bushy. For best results fertilise with a slow release fertiliser in Spring.

Landscape Uses

Waterhousea floribunda is a very popular Australian native Lillypilly that is ideal for a dense screen, windbreak or a stunning large container plant. Its lush foliage looks good all year and will add richness to any garden design. Suitable for street and park plantings.