Magnolia hybrid var. 'Cream Fairy' pbr

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An evergreen Magnolia (syn Michelia) with an upright growth habit. Highly perfumed cream flowers are in abundance in Spring but spot flower throughout the year. Dark green foliage with minimal leaf drop.


A very hardy, performing garden plant. Prefers a moist but well drained, fertile soil that is slightly acidic. They do not like ‘wet feet’ over Winter when not actively growing. A warm sunny aspect is best, though they will tolerate partial shade. Pruning is essential to maintain a bushy plant. Late Spring, after flowering, is the best time to prune and will tolerate being cut back hard if necessary. We advise an annual application of good quality general fertiliser in Spring and mulching and watering during drier months especially when the plant is establishing itself.

Landscape Uses

The most outstanding flowering screening plant. Perfect for background planting, hedging or small screening in gardens. Fantastic for pleached hedges,‘Hedge on stilts’. Underplant with Murraya for a double hedged look or Helleborus for an informal look! Grows well in large containers especially when clipped.