Lagerstroemia indica x fauriei 'Tuscarora'

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Commonly known as Crepe Myrtles, Lagerstroemias are a small to medium sized deciduous upright tree. They have dark green leaves emerging in spring that change to warm yellow, orange and red tones in autumn before dropping. Lagerstroemias are grown for their elegant clusters of blooms that resemble crinkled crepe paper which are on display in summer, and their attractive mottled trunk.


Crepe Myrtles will tolerate a wide range of soils ranging from heavy to sandy. Will benefit from a slow-release fertiliser application in spring and pruning to maintain shape. Pruning in winter will also encourage new flowering wood for next summer. Can be grown as a single stemmed tree or multi trunked tree Will tolerate periods of dryness. New varieties are now resistant to mildew.

Landscape Uses

Lagerstroemia are suitable for small gardens and are often planted as street trees or shrub borders. They may also be effectively used for tall screening or informal hedging.  Ideal for use in Mediterranean gardens to inject a splash of colour. May be planted with Lavender, Rosemary and Wisteria.


Height to 8.0m
Width to 4.0m