Ficus carica 'Figalicious' (Fig)

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A compact, small to medium sized deciduous tree ‘Figalicious’ is a dwarf fig that produces an abundance of delicious dark red fleshed fruit with purple-green coloured skin in summer. Leaves are large, palmate in shape and medium to light green in colour.


Figs grow best in a warm, sunny position with well-draining neutral soil. Once established they are hardy and frost tolerant. Mulch well and keep the water up to them when fruiting. Prune to shape in winter.

Landscape Uses

Great planted in pots on balconies or courtyards. Is a staple of any Mediterranean style or edible garden. A delicious fig is best eaten still warm from the tree in summer with soft cheeses or made into paste or jam.


Height to 3.0m
Width to 3.0m

In a large pot will reach 1.0m high x 1.0m wide.