Hedera canariensis

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Commonly known as Canary Island Ivy, Hedera canariensis is a vigorous and fast-growing ground cover/climber with glossy triangular shaped green leaves. The leaves have a reddish contrasting stem and are much larger than the also popular Hedera helix. Will self-cling by producing hooked shaped aerial roots and take over a fence or wall quickly.


Grows best in a part shade to full sun position and will be happy in most soil types. Growth is vigorous requiring trimming to avoid climbing up other trees and/or into unwanted areas such as guttering.

Landscape Uses

Great for quickly covering unsightly walls/fences, and as a glossy groundcover. Plant with other urban lush plants such as Philodendron ‘Xanadu’ and Elaeocarpus eumundi.


Will spread up to 8.0x8.0m