Tristaniopsis laurina 'Luscious' pbr

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A small to medium sized evergreen tree with shiny, dark green foliage topped with red coloured new growth. Produces yellow flowers with a sweet fragrance in January and early February. Trunk features striking port coloured bark that peels back to reveal a mottled cream stem.


Grows well in a range of environmental conditions, but is most successful in a warm, moist position, preferably in full sun. Whilst capable of tolerating a range of soil types, it thrives in well-drained soils, especially with the addition of mulch. May require additional water during periods of drought to prevent desiccation. May be pruned to maintain compact shape.

Landscape Uses

Looks lovely when planted in upright rows or as street trees, Native gardens as feature trees or Tropical style gardens where the large glossy leaves can add to the foliage effect. Clipped along pools for a modern look. The large size leaves can easily be removed from pools if any leaf drop occurs.


Height to 7.0m
Width to 4.0m