Agonis flexuosa 'Lemon & Lime' pbr

  • Agonis flexuosa 'Lemon & Lime' pbr
  • Agonis flexuosa 'Lemon & Lime' pbr
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A stunning plant that will add colour to your landscape with its graceful weeping habit and strong lemon lime new growth. During mid-spring small white, tea-tree like flowers mass bloom on the ends of its branches.


A native plant that thrives in a sunny position in well drained soil and is relatively pest and disease free. For best results fertilise with a long term slow release fertiliser in early Spring. The highlight of the plant is the stunning new growth once it has been trimmed. Untrimmed plants will have a graceful weeping habit and will be predominately an olive green colour.

Landscape Uses

Agonis 'Lemon & Lime' pbr is best used as a multiple screening hedge along fence lines or drive ways. Clipping and trimming foliage is the key to maintaining the vibrant colour. This plant is suitable for use as a pleached hedge, where plants are planted in rows and the lower growth is removed to reveal the attractive straight trunks. The top is then clipped into a continuous long block. Low shrubs or grasses can be planted underneath. This provides a lovely ‘Modern Native’ look.


Height to 8.0m
Width to 8.0m