Roldana petasitis

  • Roldana petasitis
  • Roldana petasitis
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The Velvet Groundsel or Californian Geranium is a large sprawling evergreen shrub that can grow to 3m, especially in drier conditions. Will produce bright yellow daisy-like flowers in late winter early spring.


Grow in full sun to part shade in a wide range of soil types. Plant in a sheltered area to protect large leaves from strong winds. Once established it is quite a vigorous grower and requires minimal watering. Cut back hard after flowering. Will tolerate light frost.

Landscape Uses

Very good filler shrub with its large sculptural leaves and overall size. Will create a lush tropical look without the watering requirements. Use as a large shrubby perennial in mass planting to create an informal screen or border.


Height to 3m

Can spread to 3m