Posoqueria longiflora

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The Needle Flower stands out as a rare and robust tropical rainforest shrub. In spring and summer its glossy circular foliage is complemented by elongated, slender flowers that cascade and exude an intense fragrance, reminiscent of Gardenia.


Position in full sun or part to full shade. It flourishes in rich, well-drained soils with a slight acidity, although it is not averse to neutral soils. It prefers consistent moisture, particularly for young plants, but avoid overwatering to prevent root rot. Mature plants can endure short dry spells. Use a diluted, balanced, general-purpose fertilizer monthly during flowering. To maintain a tidy form, trim regularly. The plant may spread out over time, so pruning is recommended post-bloom to encourage a compact growth habit.

Landscape Uses

Posoqueria’s deep green glossy foliage adds a tropical feel to Urban Lush designs. This plant loves moist, sheltered environments in direct light, but remains resilient in partial shade. The Needle Flower is also well-suited to pots and containers and will fill a shady spot with fragrant flowers.


Height to 1.5m
Width to 1.5m