Alyxia buxifolia

  • Alyxia buxifolia
  • Alyxia buxifolia
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Commonly known as Sea Box, Alyxia buxifolia is the perfect choice for low hedges and topiary in coastal areas, forming small white flowers in Spring.


Best suited to coast conditions, Sea Box prefers full sun to part shade and requires well-drained sand or loam soil. Once established it has a low water requirement and is a great low-maintenance option that is tolerable of drought, salt spray and frost. Sea Box emits a pleasant fragance and serves as a natural habitat and shelter for various wildlife, such as birds, butterflies and lizards. The orange fruit that can sometimes grow in summer may be eaten by such wildlife but is toxic to humans.

Landscape Uses

This native shrub is great for screening and hedging. If planted in coastal locations, it will be naturally pruned by the wind and serve as a hardy windbreak, however it will need to be pruned to your desired size when used in other sites. Star-shaped white flowers form along a bright orange stem which contrasts nicely against the leathery foliage, making Sea Box an attractive addition to any setting.


Height to 2.0m
Width 2.0-3.0m