Callistemon spp 'Sweet Burst' pbr

  • Callistemon spp 'Sweet Burst' pbr
  • Callistemon spp 'Sweet Burst' pbr
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This dwarf Callistemon is ideal for small yards. Despite its compact size, its soft pink flowers create a striking impact, attracting native birds and bees to your garden. It blooms in spring, with occasional flowers appearing throughout the year.


Preferring a full sun to part shade position, this plant handles most soil types and thrives even in coastal, exposed conditions. Is very low-maintenance and requires minimal pruning—if any—usually just once a year if you wish to maintain it as a neat hedge.

Landscape Uses

This Callistemon can be used in several ways in your garden. As a low hedge, it can help define a section of your garden. In rockeries, it adds height and depth without dwarfing smaller plants, or it can blend seamlessly into a native planting. Alternatively, when planted in pots, it can stand out as a feature plant.


Height 90cm to 1.2m
Width 90cm to 1.2m