Casuarina glauca 'Cousin It'

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Casurina glauca 'Cousin It' is a sprawling, evergreen shrub native to Australia where it grows in coastal and inland areas. It has fine, needle-like foliage that forms a dense mat of green or grey-green colour.


‘Cousin It’ is drought, salt and frost tolerant, and adaptable to various well drained soil types. It prefers full sun and will require minimal watering once established. It can be pruned lightly to maintain its shape and size.

Landscape Uses

Casurina glauca 'Cousin It' is also known as Australian pine, she-oak, or swamp oak and produces small, reddish-brown flowers in spring and summer, followed by woody cones that contain winged seeds. Fantastic as a ground cover or dramatic border, with its cascading foliage it also makes a wonderful potted plant.


Height to 20cm
Spread to 1.0m