Wisteria floribunda alba

  • Wisteria floribunda alba
  • Wisteria floribunda alba
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Wisteria floribunda Alba is a deciduous climber, that produces a dramatic flourish of white flowers in late Spring into early Summer. Add whimsy and charm to your garden with a walkway covered in shiny, green, pinnate leaves and long racemes of flowers.


Wisteria will grow in most soil conditions and is frost hardy when established, they also prefer full sun. Young plants can be left to grow for a couple years before beginning formative pruning, which is done in late Spring or Summer after flowering has finished. Feed well to promote growth to cover your structure, then feed sparingly when older for less growth and more flowers.

Landscape Uses

Grow over arbours and walkways to create a dappled sun effect, with the pendulous flowers drooping down. Support is very important for this plant. Use Wisteria on sturdy pergolas, gazebos and arches or grow as a standard on a steel frame.