Stephanotis floribunda

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Evergreen climber with large, glossy leaves and thick woody stems. Foliage is deep green, with clusters of white, perfumed star-like flowers abundant from Spring to Autumn.


Thrives in moist, well-drained, nutrient rich soil, preferably positioned in full sun.Water well during growth season (April to October) and keep protected and away from frost and winds during Winter. Apply a high-potassium liquid fertiliser fortnightly during the growth season to encourage flowering. Minimal pruning is required, however, trimming lateral growth may help reduce the size of the plant and shorten leading shoots.

Landscape Uses

Evergreen climber perfect for planting in warm north facing protected areas where it can climb over a structure and you can make the most of the lovely flower fragrance. Waxy white perfumed flowers are often used in wedding flowers.