Viola hederacea

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An Australian native perennial groundcover with tight rounded to kidney shaped leaves. Grows is a sprawling manner making an excellent dense groundcover with decorative mauve and white flowers, that appear prolifically in Spring/Summer/ Autumn and are still present during Winter.


Grows in areas of heavy shade to full sun preferring moist, well-drained soil, however it will flower better with some sun. Requires minimal maintenance but be sure to keep the water up during dry spells and you can fertilise at the start of spring for better flowering. Trim occasionally to keep tidy.

Landscape Uses

A versatile compact groundcover suitable for rockeries, cascading over walls and pots or filling in between pavers. Use for underplanting trees, along garden edges, or in hanging basket displays. Viola hederacea can also be used as a lawn substitute in light foot traffic areas.


Height 10cm to 15cm
Width 50cm to 1m