The Edible Garden

 The Edible Garden
Acca sellowiana Feijoa
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Punica granatum Pommegranate
Lemon Trellis 
Nandina 'Moonbay'
Citrus x microcarpa Cumquat 'Calamondin'
Oasis Horticulture


Every day we hear of the many health & environmental benefits of growing our own food.  So, in this small space we have endeavoured to create a simple & small food garden that could fit into most back yards, or even front yards.


Here we have used old, discarded orchard picking boxes and a few pots as an easy & inexpensive way to start a food garden.  The fence has been constructed from old reclaimed fence palings and handsome french shutters from Lilies on Brougham.


Most gardens have some form of boundary fences & walls that provide the ideal space to establish a few espaliered fruit trees or vines.  Here we have planted Nashi Pears and various citrus as espaliers.


A garden is not complete without a Lemon tree and here we have also added Lime, Cumquat, Fig, Pomegranate, Loquat, Persimmon & Feijoa and an abundance of various herbs & vegetables with a few cut flowers.

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