Citrus x limon Lemon 'Eureka' Trellis

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Lemon trees are a staple of the Australian backyard, with backyards getting smaller you do not need to give up your beloved fruit trees, trellised Lemons are a perfect solution for small areas such as courtyards and balconies. Trellis Lemons will still yield ample fruit and are easier to harvest than on mature trees. Varieties available are 'Lisbon' and 'Eureka' only.


Performs best in a warm full sun position and is happy in most soil types as long as it has good drainage. Lemons can be attacked by citrus scale and leaf miner, use appropriate treatment if detected. Prevent insect attack by growing in ideal conditions. Fertilise in spring and late summer with high nitrogen fertiliser.

Landscape Uses

Trellised plants are the perfect solution for small courtyards, balconies and narrow garden beds that share a border with a wall or fence. They also work great for narrow screening or to decorate an unsightly wall or fence. Trellised fruit trees make for easy harvesting.


40cm Lemon trellis are ready trained for sale on trellis 1.2m high x 1.5m wide.
Once planted they can be kept to 2.0m high x 2.0m wide, or left to grow up to 3.5m high x 3.5m wide.