Correa alba Ball

  • Correa alba Ball
  • Correa alba Ball
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A hardy, attractive shrub with grey-green foliage and white flowers which are produced in late Autumn and Winter.


Prefers a full sun position with a well-draining soil, though will also grow in a part shade position. Is salt wind and drought tolerant and requires minimal watering.

Landscape Uses

Topiary balls are ideal for formal gardens or modern Japanese gardens, though can add structure to any garden. They are great planted in clusters, or used in pots to frame an entrance or walkway. Perfect for bush and coastal gardens or mixed with exotic plants. Plant with other modern natives such as Agonis ‘Burgundy’ and Westringia ‘Jervis Gem’.


Can be kept balled from 60cm high x 60cm wide to 1.0m high x 1.0m wide

Current ball dimensions will vary depending on age. Please see TRADE PRICE LIST for topiary specifications, TRADE CUSTOMERS please login for access.