Elaeocarpus reticulatus

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Commonly known as Blueberry Ash, the Elaeocarpus reticulatus has bird attracting bright blue oval shaped fruits (drupe) growing from April-October. From October -January dainty pinkish white flowers form in masses. This combination of fruit and flowers results in a long ornamental display lasting nearly all year round. Leaves will turn a shade of bright red when they are older.


A hardy Australian native plant, naturally found growing on the east and north east coasts of Australia. Has dense foliage which grows in a conical form. Needs little maintenance and can survive in low nutrient and dry soils, though grows best when well-watered. Can tolerate shade to full sun.

Landscape Uses

Great for hedging as it responds well to pruning and will become dense quickly. Its flowers and fruit also make for a great feature tree. Works well with other natives such as Banksia and Agonis and under plantings of Lomandra and Dianella.


Can be kept to 3.0m high x 2.0m wide or left to grow to 10.0m high x 5.0m wide